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TIFFANY HOTELS & TOWERS LTD is strategically located in Omagwa, PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS STATE NIGERIA. Its proximity to the Airport gives it an enormous advantage over other hotels. Our guests enjoy our unparalleled SECURITY SERVICE from the Airport to the hotel, during their stay in the hotel and during departure.

In TIFFANY HOTELS & TOWERS LTD, Omagwa, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, OUR SERVICES ARE PERSONALISED. Our customers are given personal attention right from the moment they arrive in the hotel and throughout their stay.Appointments with guests/bookings are treated by our management with utmost diligence.

We have trained staff who intelligently anticipate the needs of our guests and deliver the highest personalised services. In TIFFANY HOTELS & TOWERS LTD, our rooms, dining, amenities, guest rooms, suites etc are tastefully decorated with high quality furnishings. They are just luxurious!

Here in TIFFANY HOTELS & TOWERS LTD, we have ample space, premium bedding, luxurious bath products, large queen/king sized beds and consistent design.TIFFANY HOTELS & TOWERS LTD, is good looking.






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